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Beauty Drops no. 2 is a unique water-based serum for rejuvenating and repairing dehydrated and
damaged skin. Its unique ingredients provide a soothing, antioxidant effect and promote cell
regeneration and skin renewal.
Beauty Drops no. 2 is based on natural plant extracts; therefore, it is common to find sediment at
the bottom of the bottle. These are a testament to our extracts' natural origin and do not affect the
product's quality in any way.

Future5 Beauty Drops no.2

549,00 krPrice
8 Milliliters
  • Apply a few drops to cleansed skin
    morning and evening. Massage gently
    into the skin until fully absorbed. Follow
    with facial cream. May also be used as a
    final touch after applying facial cream for
    a natural glowing effect.

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