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This complete set of hot and cold therapy rings is powered by our innovative Cryothermal Technology™ and compatible with TheraFace (not included). Reduce puffiness under eyes, tension, pain, and inflammation with three temperature options per ring. The cold ring can even be used simultaneously with TheraFace’s percussive attachments for an even more customized routine.

TheraFace Hot and Cold Rings Black

1 199,00 krPrice
  • Hot Ring
    Reduces tension and pain, increases blood flow

    Cold Ring
    Helps reduce puffiness under eyes. Decreases pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms

  • 1 Hot Ring with 3 temperature settings:

    • 35C°/95F°
    • 39C°/102F°
    • 43C°/109F°

    1 Cold Ring with 3 temperature settings:

    • 26C°/79F°
    • 22C°/72F°
    • 18C°/64F°

    Insulated Travel Pouch

    TheraFace Device not included.

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