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Does a Perfect Moisturiser Really Exists?

Everlasting Skin Youth

"Slow Beauty" starts with a perfect moisturiser.

At Björk and Berries, we like to use the term Slow Beauty, as opposed to Anti-Ageing, since ageing is no less mesmerising than any other life stage.

In skincare, ageing comes from the decline of collagen and elastin production within the skin and generally starts at the age of 27. To support and delay the ageing process, retaining and keeping moisture within the becomes real.

Sweden, with its harsh climate, has an abundance of unique and resilient vegetation obtaining powerful properties. Passed from generation to generation Norsemen have learned about the power of nature and our goal is to utilise nature’s magic into Björk and Berries skincare line to enhance, restore and promote beautiful skin.

One of the powerful ingredients that Björk and Berries use throughout the skin and bodycare lines is a beech tree bud extract (Fagus sylvatica). The extract is formulated from naturally fallen buds which occur at a precise point in the more than 200-year-old life of the beech tree. The beech tree, sturdy and resilient is also known as the 'Tree of Everlasting Youth.’ Understanding the botanical aspects of the beech tree helps us to understand why its extracts promote cell rejuvenation and vitality.

But back to the moisture...

If you have found "your" moisturiser, then the rest of the skincare products are supplementary, i.e a good moisturiser makes everything else work seemingly better. My advice is to prioritise the importance of finding a moisturiser that works for you, before focusing on other treatment products.

To simplify, a moisturiser consists of a few main key ingredients that make that creamy substance that we should be using scrupulously day and night, every day.

The main purpose of a moisturiser- hydration. Hydration benefits all skin types- dry, sensitive, combination and yes, oily.

When you have oily skin, you may think you don´t need a moisturiser. We often think about moisturisers in terms of oil. Instead, think of a moisturiser as water for your skin. Even the oiliest skins need water.

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. Indeed, dehydrated skin can lead to issues such as inflammation, premature skin ageing and breakouts. Many people confuse oil with hydration, but the role of moisturisers is to improve skin's hydration by adding water to it. That's the reason why the first ingredient listed on a moisturiser is usually water.

Every skin needs a moisturiser, but not all moisturisers fit all skin types.

After extensive research, Björk and Berries have finally formulated that perfect moisturiser, a new addition to the skincare family.

Vitamin Moisturiser is your perfect all-rounder. It's a lightweight moisturiser, hydrates the skin without adding any oil, is easily absorbed with a silky smooth finish, powered with youth retaining Beech Bud extract and packed with a highly potent Vitamin Complex (B3, B5, B6, C & E). Furthermore, an added moisture-restoring Hyaluronic Acid and anti-inflammatory Niacinamide adding another level of care and protection. You will also be mesmerised by the scent that will take you for a long, pleasant walk to Swedish woodlands.

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